Speake’s beautifully haunting voice and her equally absorbing lyrics, which combine to create a melancholic, sentimental, and sober tone.”

Cowboys & Indians Magazine


"Feelings of agony and disillusionment play out in crunchy blues tones with soaring vocals...Speake’s ability to pour raw emotion into her lyrics creates an authentic narrative woven into her music." American Songwriter "Best New Music"

"Burns with the passion and heartache of an AM radio anthem, replete with hot hooks and a haunting vocal performance that soothes as much as it unsettles." PopMatters 

Wide Open Country’s Weekly Must-Listens: Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real & more. 

Best of Atlanta 2018: Critic's Choice for Country Band. "Singer and guitarist Nikki Speake established herself as a songwriter with a capital S." - Creative Loafing

New Music Monday - Creative Loafing

"As they explore the intersection between tragedy, acceptance, and peace, the four-piece strip down the ‘60s sound integral to previous releases in favor of a melancholic exploration of Americana’s Appalachian roots that exposes the fragile allure of Speake’s haunting voice." - Immersive Atlanta

"Shantih Shantih band mates Nikki Speake (Midnight Larks) and Anna Kramer (The Lost Cause) go together musically like biscuits and gravy." "One of the better recent additions to Atlanta’s rock and country scenes." - Stomp & Stammer

"Singer-songwriter Nikki Speake is returning to her roots. Listeners may recognize her honeyed voice from her work in local groups Midnight Larks and Shantih Shantih, but her new cut shows her embracing the country sounds she grew up with in Dadeville, Alabama." -Immersive Atlanta

 A Few Words with Nikki Speake - 50thirdandthird

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Photo by Jamie Hopper

Photo by Jamie Hopper